Pictures and Quotes

"Two of my children attended Monmouth Montessori, so we spent six years of our children's lives as part of the community at the school.  These were incredibly rich and rewarding years for both of our children.  One of the amazing things to me about the school and the Montessori method is that despite our children having very different personalities and learning preferences, the program was flexible and child-centered enough to give them each exactly what they needed to grow.  I love how children's individual personalities and strengths are able to shine and grow at the school.  I know that their time at Monmouth Montessori gave both of my children an amazing foundation to enter their school-aged years; their love for learning was grown during their time here.  I will always be grateful we have the school and the teachers at Monmouth Montessori here in our community."

Marie, September 2016

"We read chapter books! I like that we clean the school by dusting shelves and washing tables. I also like the addition stamp game."

Elisa, Age 5

"I like the work that my teacher shows me. I have learned to practice love and kindness. I like when we get to do things like going for walks to pick up trash and things like that."

Evan, Age 6

"We REALLY LOVE this community, the teachers and the school as a whole!  No matter what they are doing, they are learning lessons, many being about everyday living and how to work well with others with respect and love.  Our son was there for 3 years, in that time period he learned FAR MORE than any pre k, kindergarten could ever teach him.  Not only was he reading at 5, he also had great manners and respect for others.  The compassion that is practiced as well is outstanding.  Kids flourish here at Monmouth Montessori, plain and simple.  We just wish it went through 12th grade."

Danielle, September 2016

"My daughter Kloe has attended the Monmouth Montessori School for the past 3 years. Juliet and Megan have helped guide her along in her education. She had gained not just facts but the concepts that learning is exciting, valuable, and completely within her capabilities. She has learned to respect herself, others, and the earth. I will always be grateful for Juliet and the Monmouth Montessori School."

Casey, June 2015

"For the three years our son Evan has attended the Monmouth Montessori School, we have been extremely pleased with the way Juliet and her helpers have handled his early childhood education.  As teachers ourselves, we wholeheartedly endorse the methods used to build his understanding of numbers, of geometrical concepts, of reading skills, and his appreciation for meaningful work.  As parents we are both impressed and grateful for the patience Juliet and her helpers exhibit towards him and his classmates.  Evan has been given more responsibility for helping his classmates each year, and this experience has been invaluable for his self-esteem.  Would we recommend the Monmouth Montessori School to other parents?  You bet, without reservation."

-Scott and Cheryl, May 2012

"The Monmouth Montessori School is AMAZING! Juliet creates such a positive and creative learning environment for the children. My daughter is consistently impressing me with the things she has learned at the Montessori."

-Laycee, May 2012