Half-time  8:30am-11:30am or 11:45am-3:00pm                    $310/month
Full-time   8:30am-3:00pm                                                   $410/month

The Monmouth Montessori School provides before school daycare at 8:00am for an additional $30 each month.

The Monmouth Montessori School is both a preschool and a kindergarten. Generally children start at three years old and stay through six years old in order to get the full advantages of the three year program.

The school program runs five days a week with the option of half-time for preschool aged children, and full-time enrollment for kindergarten aged children.

About Us

The Monmouth Montessori School helps foster self-discipline and a positive self-image. The three-year program allows children to develop positive study habits, independence, leadership skills, and life-long friendships.

* Applications for enrollment are distributed in the month of March.

* Applicants later than April 1st will be placed on our waiting list.
* The waiting list does not carry from year to year. 
* You need only apply for enrollment when your child is of age to attend. (3 or 4 years old.)